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Our Girls

If you are interested in being a guardian for Breyer or Patches, please contact us at  

Cottage Grove Breyer Rose "Breyer"

F2 Cockapoo

Breyer is such a cutie that looks so much like her daddy Rocky, only chocolate!  She is friendly and outgoing and LOVES to play!  She is looking for her very own local guardian family. She has passed health testing and we can't wait for her to become a momma for us!

Color - bbE? (Chocolate and Tan/Phantom)

Size - 16 inches, 25 lbs

DOB - 5/17/17

  • PennHIP - .43 R / .47 L
  • OFA Hips - pending
  • OFA Elbows - pending
  • Patellas - Normal
  • Cardio - Normal
  • CERF - PPM iris to iris
  • PRA - pending
  • vWD - pending
  • EIC - pending
  • IC - pending

The following girls have retired from our breeding program and are enjoying life with their forever families!

Cottage Grove Coffee Roll "Coffee"

Cockapoo/Spoodle - ACC COFAD15CP1124

Coffee is a sweatheart who loves people, kids and other dogs!  She is the daughter of our very own April and Lyric.  She loves to play fetch, although is not great a bringing it back and is super fast!  She also loves lots of cuddles!!! We can't wait for Coffee to have her first litter of puppies for us in 2016! She lives with her forever family!

Color - bbEe (carries phantom & possibly parti)

Size - 16 inches, 23 lbs

DOB - 8/13/14

  • PennHIP - .38/.36 (80%)
  • OFA/Wallace Hips - Good/Excellent
  • OFA Elbows - Normal
  • Patellas - Normal
  • CERF - Normal
  • PRA - clear
  • vWD - clear
  • EIC - clear
  • DM - clear
  • PFK - clear

Cedar Hill Journey Begins "Rosie"

Poodle - AKC PR16914103 and ACC-COBAD16PD1187

Rosie runs like a gazelle, leaping through the yard.  She was such a sweet, floppy puppy.  She is a purebred AKC registered poodle who will help us develop new, unrelated lines.  She is truly the beginning of a new journey for us and we can't wait to see how she develops.  She has passed all health testing and we can't wait for her first litter in 2015/2016!  We are so excited to co-own this girl with Nestlewood Labradoodles and Rosie is in her very own forever guardian home with 4 kids of her own!

Color - Red (B?ee)

Size - 19 inches, 35 lbs

DOB - 4/5/13

  • PennHIP - .33/.38 (80%)
  • OFA Hips - Fair
  • OFA Elbows - Normal
  • Patellas - Normal
  • CERF - Normal
  • Cardiac - Normal
  • Thyroid - Normal
  • PRA - Clear
  • vWD - Clear
  • EIC - n/a to poodles

Cottage Grove Garden Patch "Patches"

F1B Cockapoo - ACC-COAAD16CP1172

Patches is very sweet and friendly and playful.  She loves most dogs and all people. 

Color - BbEe (Black and Tan/Phantom), carries for cream, phantom and chocolate

Size - 17 inches, 23 lbs

PennHIP - .50/.41 (40%),  OFA Hips - Good, OFA Elbows - Normal, Patellas - Normal, CERF - Normal, Thyroid - pending, PRA - clear by parentage, vWD - clear by parentage, EIC - clear, IC - carrier

Adorning Country Red Imposter "Poppy"

Poodle - AKC PR16498005

Poppy is a very sweet girl.  She is a little shy when she first meets new people but once she warms up to you she loves to stick close by your side.  Poppy is also goofy and a bit of a klutz.  She loves to play with the other dogs in the yard!  Poppy lives with her forever family.

Color - B?ee (Apricot)

Size - 33 lbs

DOB - 9/27/12

OFA Hips - Excellent, OFA Elbows - Normal, Patellas - pending, CERF - Normal, Thyroid - pending, PRA - Carrier, vWD - Normal, DM - Normal, EIC - Normal, NE - Normal

Rockhaven's K-Aaroning It On "April" - RETIRED

Cocker Spaniel - AKC SR75717204

DOB - 11/19/12

April is very sweet and goofy.  She loves all dogs and people.  She especially loves to be rubbed down by her tail and seems to melt!  She is a wonderful momma! April lives with her very own forever family!

Color - BbE? (Black and Tan/Phantom), carries for parti and chocolate

Size - 15 inches, 20 lbs

PennHIP - 80%,  OFA Hips - Good, OFA Elbows - Normal, Patellas - L (Gr 1) R (Normal), CERF - Normal, Thyroid - Normal, PRA - clear, vWD - clear