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Upcoming Litters

Mother Nature plays a role in all of our breedings so we may need to adjust our plans if she does not cooperate.  The estimated dates of birth are only that and may be adjusted if the mommas don't come into season when expected.  Thank you for being understanding!  Cottage Grove Acres reserves the right to retain breeding dogs from each litter prior to placing any pet puppies.

All of our puppies are $2000 plus WI sales tax (if puppy is picked up in WI)

Breyer x  Oz's Gabe

Date Expected: Late September, 2019

Approximate Go Home Date: Late November, 2019

Size Expected: Approx. 18-25 lbs

Breed: F2 Cockapoos 

Colors: Chocolate phantom, possible Caramel

Litter Raised in WI. Hand delivery anywhere in the US.

Price: $2,000 plus sales tax

Accepting applications and deposits for this litter!

breyer x gabe

These puppies will be friendly and playful.  We are so excited for Breyer's first litter!

Gabe's photo is courtesy of Blessed Day Doodles.

We have labradoodle puppies on the way too and they can be seen here. 

Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles